1. What happens if you mint a BABYSCAT? if you know about them & the link to mint consider yourself whitelisted as their prices are super cheap now, days later i will pause the contract & prices will only keep getting higher. —— 🎁 HOLDERS GET ACCESS TO GIVEAWAYS ALWAYS 🎁 —— ( best believe there’s going to be more soon. ) what are the prizes/perks? 📌 cash 💰 📌 random NFTs / special edition babyscat NFTs 📌 luxury/designer goods 📌 designer collectibles & tangible items worth of value (mschf, kaws, takashi murakami, vintage Pokémon etc.) 📌 Whitelisted 2nd drop 📌 iphones / playstations/ other tech 📌 custom figurines/collectibles made by me or related to babyscats 1/1 📌 promo of wtv you want ✨ I will sometimes be asking you what you’d want as a prize too! or post some polls 4 voting either on ig/twitter on specific prize/prizes ✨ ——— 🎟 HOW TO ENTER 🎟——— 📌 mint a babyscat, the more you mint the more likely you are to win. Every babyscat = 1 🎟 📌 react to this post so i know you minted a BABYSCAT & I’ll DM you for your info & proof. ——— 🏆 HIGHER CHANCES OF WINNING 🏆——— 📌 any promo of babyscats = additional 🎟 (you still have to have a babyscat for this & everything mentioned below too👇) 📌 if you invite friends & get more people involved = additional 🎟’s based on how many you people you bring in into this server ——— 🚀 MORE INFO 4 HOLDERS 🚀——— 📌 sometimes, there might be more than 1 winner. 📌 some giveaways will happen randomly so be ready at any given moment! others will have set dates & deadliness. 📌 winner/s will be determined via spinning wheels/races etc. that will be posted on my story (proof of legit-ness) 📌 As a holder, it is up to YOU to raise the floor prize & turn this into something BIG. 🚀 As for me, I just want everyone to have fun & appreciate the holders ❤️